Screature Interactive Dinosaur

screature Screature Interactive Dinosaur

The must have toy for Christmas 2009 is Screature the Dinosaur (Mattel). (See Screature Review below) The only place we can find Screature in stock now is at at a premium price of £69.99, twice it’s usual selling price of around £34.99. Update Argos are now showing as in stock. keep checking the links below for fresh stock, you could get lucky!!

argos Screature Argos £34.99 In Stock findoutmore
play Screature £69.99 In Stock
sainsburys Screature Sainsbury’s £34.99 Out of Stock
mailorderexpress Screature £34.99 Out of Stock findoutmore

Screature Interactive Dinosaur Review

The Screature Dinosaur Toy is packed with interactive features that the whole family will love, rub his back and he will pant with pleasure, but go near his nose he will snap at your fingers!

Screature The Dinosaur can stand, puff out his frills and spit water and more! This is one of the most interactive animal toys ever made, but also one of the sweetest, once you have tamed him! He has fluids that can easily be refilled so he is always ready to soak those who annoy him with a big squirt of water!

The different sensors in the Screature toy make him respond in different ways; he can be either friendly or unfriendly and your children will spend hours working out what Screature the dinosaur likes and how to make him their friend.

This pet dinosaur doesn’t only look real but sounds real as well. There are 12 different sounds and many movements that he can make. Screature Dinosaur has different responses based on the different places that you touch him. He likes being petted but only if it’s in the right place, so be careful because get it wrong and he will attack!!

Set Screature interactive dinosaur to guard mode and using his infrared sensors he will protect your house or bedroom and scare off any intruders.

Screature the Dinosaur is perfect for any dinosaur lover in your family and will keep your kids happy for hours.

Can you master this feisty little predator, or will you become its prey?

Screature Interactive Dinosaur Video

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